Best Live Music in Calgary: Which Classic Songs Should Your Band Cover

Your heart’s pounding and you feel the adrenaline kicking in as you walk to the stage. What are some of the classic hits that you can play at some of the best live music Calgary events? We’re going to have a look at this so that you can make up your mind for yourself on what to do next.

The Best Songs To Play As Live Music in Calgary

REO Speed Wagon – Can’t Fight This Feeling

An absolute classic and popular at the live music venues in Calgary, this song will leave everyone in the bar singing. Not to mention, your band will love playing this song in front of people because it feels good to play. Can’t Fight This Feeling is a classic love song that anyone from the 80s will remember fondly.

Pink Floyd – The Wall

Another fun classic that came towards the end of the 70s, you used to hear this in the Calgary pub scene every night. Playing this song at a live music venue in Calgary will bring back the memories of being alive during this awesome period.

Scott MacKenzie – San Francisco

At your next live music show in Calgary why not play one of the classics from 1967? Even to this day, the song aged like fine wine. A good rhythm will have the pub dancing no matter what era it comes from.

The Beatles – Octopus’s Garden

One of the lesser-known songs of the Beatles, the Octopus’s Garden is a classic hit that is a fun one to crank out on the guitar. Again, this is another song that has aged well, and it still sounds right at home inside a Calgary pub.

These are a couple of good classic songs that your band could cover. If you get good at any one of them, you can count on having the entire bar dancing and having a great time, which is what live music is all about.

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