Can Live Music Reduce Your Stress?

Listening to live music has a positive effect that can help people to lower their stress hormones. The effects leave you feeling refreshed. Over the last decade, many studies have been conducted on how listening to the best music can have a positive impact on someone’s well being. Until recently, no one looked at how attending a venue at one of the pubs Calgary businesses could add to the benefits.

Mounting Evidence

Aaron Williamon and Daisy Fancourt, researchers for Imperial College London, began to research how attending one of these events can have an impact on endocrine activity. It lowers stress to hear music bands, and these findings line up with what they discovered outside this. When listening to music, they found how patients reduced their cortisol levels. Over 117 volunteers came for the experiment, and the test subjects ranged from the experienced concert-goer to the individuals who rarely ever attended a concert.

What Researchers Found

The volunteer had their stress hormones tested through saliva samples before the performance, and they tested it 60 minutes at the intermission. What researchers found was how cortisone and cortisol decreased during the concerts. This confirms that the best live music has a positive effect. This gets produced when the body experiences mental or physical stress. While the stress has positive results in small doses like making an individual more alert, it creates adverse results in high quantities over the long term like diabetes and heart disease.

When you go to visit popular bands, it can be therapeutic to your soul. Not to mention, you can set the memories of a lifetime hanging out with your friends in a pub, drinking a beer and listening to great music. It’s important to note that researchers could link the biological changed with age, familiarity with the music or musical experience. The universal response to concert attendance should give you more than enough reason to attend.

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