How to Find The Best Live Music Venue in Calgary

Unfortunately, it sometimes feels like we hear about the best concerts too late. Who has the time to scan through the massive show listings in the local paper or check the touring dates of a band? There are easier ways to hear the best Calgary live music venues. Here are a few examples of how to hear Calgary live music.

Check out Music Sites

You can learn about who’s playing where based on the personalized concert recommendations. This will keep you tuned into some of the best live music in your area. Why find out after all the tickets have been sold out?

Music Apps

Using mobile apps, you can track the bands you want to see the most. With some of these mobile apps, you will be sent email notifications whenever tickets go on sale for a live event in the area. Depending on the app, you can also calibrate your app so that it makes good recommendations based on some of the bands you have tracked in the past. You can also buy tickets right from within the app and learn which Calgary pubs your favorite bands are playing at

Consider Your Favorite Genre

One of the ways that you can discover new favorite bands through Calgary live music is to hunt for a specific genre instead. For example, look for a bar that plays live rock music if that’s what you like to listen to. In a city of 1.2 million people, Calgary live music venues aren’t in short supply. You can find a variety of Calgary pubs that will play different types of music.

Don’t be afraid to be adventurous and listen to a genre of music that you have never heard before. One of the advantages of having such a rich selection of Calgary live music venues available to choose from is how you have the chance to learn about new music you’ve never heard before. You can also check directly with one of the many Calgary pubs, and you’ll probably hear both the good bands and the bad, but it’s never a dull experience.

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