How to Prepare for Your First Live Music Gig in Calgary

Playing music in front of a live audience for the first time can be a make or break experience. You might feel a growing excitement and a gut-wrenching terror at the same time. Some musicians have such bad stage fright that they’d rather give up than play in the Calgary pubs. Unfortunately, you can’t do much about your nerves because even seasoned veterans sometimes struggle with stage fright, so you have to learn to get past it. Here are some things you can do to prepare your first live Calgary music performance.

Preparation Before You Ever Hop on Stage

What’s the key to having a positive experience in the Calgary pubs? Take the time to practice and prepare before you ever step foot on stage. One of the biggest rookie mistakes a musician can make is to book gigs before having enough songs to fill the set. Ask the manager what will be expected. If the manager wants you to perform for one hour, and you only have two songs, you might want to hold off if you want the best Calgary live music experience to be one filled with good memories.

Ask for Feedback

Before you attempt one of the best Calgary live music gigs, why not play in front of a live audience like your family or friends? With this exercise, you can ask for feedback on songs and set length. Another advantage of playing for an audience like this is how it gives you the opportunity to play in front of a friendly audience.

People like Calgary live music because it engages them. You might also hop on social media like Twitter, ReverbNation and Facebook to update your information before the show. Also, if you happen to sell your music online, you can use social media to make sure fans know where to find the sales page. Before you show up for your first Calgary live music show, you will most likely be up as one of the first bands. Try to learn something about the other bands because this shows courtesy and preparation, which the industry giants will take note of.

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