Top 10 Greatest Live Music Performances

When you visit a Calgary live music venue, you never know when history is in the making. The best live music events in Calgary echo into the vaults of your memories and never fully leave. Here are some of the best musical performances ever.

#1 Live Music Performance: Pink Floyd “The Wall” Tour

Pink Floyd amped things up with some performance art; they built a wall during the concert. For the first half of the song, they were playing for the building of the wall, and for the last part, they were behind it—unforgettable performance.

#2 Live Music Performance: Jimi Hendrix Experience Worldwide Tour

No one liberated the electric guitar more than Jimi Hendrix, and he even set his guitar on fire during this tour.

#3 Live Performance: Elvis Comeback Special

Before you go out to the pubs Calgary tonight, think of Elvis and his comeback tour. The man never looked nervous, and he oozed charisma.

#4 Live Music Performance: Johnny Cash Performs at San Quentin Prison

If you’re thinking of a live music Calgary event, maybe you should find one that was like the performance of Johnny Cash at San Quentin where he performed songs like, “Wanted Man,” and “Starkville City Jail.”

#5 Live Music Performance: Black Sabbath American Tour

A primal performance, Ozzy was dynamite on stage.

#6 Live Music Performance: Neil Young and Crazy Horse Winter American Tour

In this performance, Neil Young went to another place and pulled from deep inside of himself. Look for the best live music Calgary because you never know.

#7 Live Music Performance: Van Morrison North American Tour

Using a 10-piece Caledonia soul orchestra, Van Morrison took his songs anywhere.

#8 Live Music Performance: BB King Performs at the Cook County Jail

When he first got on stage, people booed. When BB King finished, he solidified his legacy as a blues master, and no one had a dry eye at the Cook County Jail.

#9 Live Performance: Grateful Dead North American Tour

This 1977 tour changed fan perceptions forever, and the band found their purpose.

#10 Live Performance: Daft Punk Alive Tour

Putting on a dazzling spectacle, the Daft Punk Alive Tour had high intensity and LED lights. It blew the minds of people in the US, Europe, Japan and Australia and set the stage for future electronica musicians.

Hopefully, this list has inspired you to go to a Calgary live music venue. You never know if you’ll be at the one that makes history.

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